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JoSuppose started out in December 2018 when I had just finished my first year of design college. I wanted something to do with my new found skill (Digital Illustration) that would give me a sense of purpose... so I started illustrating as many different bird species as I could think of. I did one a day for about a month and used them as prints on items like tote bags, mousepads.. that kind of stuff.. it was cool, some friends and family would buy one every now and then but it wasn't enough. I realized then that I was also a very prolific painter and I had all of these weird colourful paintings just piling up in my room collecting dust. hmm, I thought I should probably turn JoSuppose into something that I am actively doing and having a hell of a lot of fun with rather than forcing my self to do these little illustrations that I’m definitely bored of at this point... so I decided to turn my paintings into the new JoSuppose designs and wow this has taken me on a whole new journey in the short time that JoSuppose has been alive.

JoSuppose has become something that I can use to express my creativity while simultaneously incorporating other young creatives. I want JoSuppose to be something that means letting go of inhibitions and just unleashing your inner messy 5 years old. I want JoSuppose to be pure creative freedom, opportunity to grow as an artist (for myself and those that join) and above all I want JoSuppose to always be unexpected. something completely new and strange and wonderful. JoSuppose.

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