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About JoSuppose

I (Jo) am a Freelance Illustrator/ Graphic Designer/ Multimedia Artist/ all-round Professional Mess-maker. As Josuppose, I specialise in social-media-management & content-creation, custom apparel for brands or personal purposes, and general graphic design work 

JoSuppose is my own creative Potluck - abstract art, photography, Jewellery, custom design, graphic design, Illustration & much more (: 

JoSuppose has become something that I can use to express my creativity in a way that will also earn my living. I want JoSuppose to be something that means letting go of inhibitions and just unleashing your inner messy 5 years old. I want JoSuppose to be pure creative freedom, opportunity to grow as an artist and above all I want JoSuppose to always be unexpected. something completely new and strange and wonderful. JoSuppose.

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