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A blog??

Hey Friends

This is my first blog post. How do I start a blog post? Have I said “blog post” too many times? Blog post. Hmm doesn’t mean anything anymore…

I’ve always wanted to write a blog but every time I’ve even come close to actually doing it, I’ve thought “wait I actually have no idea what I want to write about” and immediately abandoned the idea for few months… But look! Here I am, in my pj’s on a cold Monday morning writing about writing a blog (: what is this blog going to be about? Well, I’m glad you asked because (I have no idea either) the answer is: JoSuppose! This blog is about my adventure starting up a small business/ brand out of nothing but my weird art and crazy ideas (and a heck load of research about marketing and freelancing)

Before I started this I asked Google “how many words should a typical blog post have? I got a bunch of different answers depending on the results I wanted and a bunch more answers depending on what the blogs about. And here I am thinking “well… I don’t know what I’m going to be writing about and I think I just want interactions from people?” but then I thought about what type of interaction I wanted and each one of those has a different amount of suggested words… so now feel like I’m back in high school trying to reach a word count by adding in super unnecessary words like “syzygy” (my favourite word by the way) just to get comments… but that isn’t going to work I can tell you now. So, for now, I’m just going to tell you all about my adventures with JoSuppose and freelance life and maybe even give you some fun facts or some cute cat pictures (:

so here we go!

This blog is going to help me figure out where I’m taking this brand and honestly if I can help out any of you creative, ambitious people in any way I would love to, that would be the ultimate success in my eyes! I want to be able to share my journey with you and you share your journeys with me so that together we can all do what makes us happy and hopefully earn a living out of it by learning and teaching each other. That’s the goal really isn’t it? In this day and age where everything is oversaturated and everyone’s miserable working for someone else… let's create a world where we work for ourselves and create the lifestyle that we want on our own terms (in our pyjamas). I want to build a community around JoSuppose, I want to start a discussion and hear about your daring new business ventures. I want to support you so you can support someone else and together we can grow something incredible. Please feel free to reply to this email with any questions, stories, ideas you have so I can share them in my next post. Tell me what you’d like to hear about and how I can help you reach your potential.

And now, a quote for you:

"Don't Follow Your Passion, Bring it With You"

-Jacob Morgan

I particularly like this quote that I read on a LinkedIn newsletter over the weekend. How many times do you hear the phrase follow your passion, your heart, your dreams? Doesn’t this mean that you’re not thinking about where you’re going? You’re just blindly following? I much prefer this idea of bringing it with you. Much more strategical and honestly, I’ve always been one to go my own way rather than follow blindly.

Oh, and friends, don’t forget to send me your coloured geometric pets design (; entertain me while I figure out how to turn paintings into colouring pages :D

And now for the Latest Updates:

I think the biggest thing for today Is the fact that I finally made an emailing list! Its been in my to-do list for a few months now and thanks to Lock-down I finally did it! It's really a lot easier than it sounds and far less daunting than I thought. Majority of the reason it took so long to do was that I was a little bit lazy and the thought of this big thing I had to now create was pretty terrifying. But then I watched this YouTube video and Noah really inspired me by making it sound terribly simple (he wasn’t wrong at all) and now here we are! I’m writing and you’re reading and its such a simple process!

besides that, here is my latest Redbubble design: Octarine (the colour of magic). For all you Terry Pratchett & Discworld fans out there, enjoy a bit of magic during this lock-down (; To browse this design on over 60 other products or 9 other JoSuppose designs, click here.

Today I am a bit tired of sitting in front of a screen, so I am going to do some gardening and change up the soil I have my succulents in. I had a recent problem with a lot of them dying all of a sudden and I figured the soil would be a problem. Often no matter how healthy and strong a plant, if their environment isn’t supporting and generous, they may not thrive (hint, I’m also speaking about people here). So, I am going to do my best to cultivate an environment for my plants (and myself) that allows growth, that supports and provides, and most of all, allows all the sh*t to wash away (;

So, goodbye until next week I will be telling you about how I started JoSuppose. Where I got the idea, the time it’s taken so far, my goals etc.

Be safe out there! Stay healthy, stay Comfortable and most of all stay creative (;


Jo Bert

Owner of JoSuppose

Artist | Designer | Mess-Maker

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