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Advice from Strawberry the cat

Updated: May 4, 2020

Strawberry has recently been promoted to brand ambassador AND Mascot so she thought she would share some of her wisdom with you to celebrate (:


Strawberry wants to let you know 3 very important things about life from her point of view:

Firstly, no matter how small you are, you should never let anyone ignore you or walk over you just because they're bigger or more "intelligent". you should always assert your presence in a room if you want to be heard, do not be afraid to shout out your ideas if you think they are important!

Secondly, remember that a lot of the things in your life that you think matter, really don't. You can live with very little in fact. All you really need is love, somewhere safe to poop, and a nice blanket to snuggle up on at night.

Thirdly, and most importantly, remember that rest is just as important as hard work. If you do not rest after you have worked (your mind and your body) you will not be able to understand or benefit from the work that you have done. So work hard when you can and then take the time to relax your soul when you're done.


Strawberry has 3 Ideas that she'd like to share with you

  • It's OK to go slow. take your time with what you're doing. Especially now, when the world is going crazy around us. Take your time - do what you love to do and do it carefully, at the pace that will give the best results for you. There is no rush and the only pressure is from yourself. So be kind and understand the importance of s l o w

  • Change your perspective often. Sometimes we get used to the way our world looks and feels. we get used to our understanding because it's safe. But when we get too comfortable it can be difficult to have a new outlook when you need one. so remember to change your perspective if you're struggling with an idea, you never know what you'll discover from on top of the metaphorical bookshelf!

  • Trust your process. if your world is in a bit of chaos right now, trust that you will come out of this with new understanding and new experience. don't rush your process, take it as it comes. if one day you need to sleep all day and the next day you need to run around the house at full speed for hours... that's OK. do what you need to do to get yourself where you need to be. And take the chaos as a lesson (:

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