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"Forest Town" Photographic Wallpapers Pack

Picture this: It's a warm day in Autumn, a brisk breeze rolls past you and the hairs on your arms stand up. You're sitting alone on a moss-covered rock in an old, quiet forest just outside of a busy town. The floor is littered with pine needles and cones, the summer flowers are starting to wilt and you can hear birds chirping somewhere above you. You've all but forgotten about your 9-5 desk job and those unread emails piling up... a ladybird shuffling by pulls the last of your worried thoughts into this moment. You can breathe again.


Hello! How are you? I'm busier than ever but flourishing nonetheless.

I am doing something a little different this time, here is a pack of photographic wallpapers (sized for phones, tablets, and desktops)

I took these photos wayyyyy back in April, which feels close enough to a lifetime ago (gosh can you believe that it's already August?), on a very strange weekend for me and JoSuppose.

I hope that you can find some peace in these photos during this trying time... just like I did while I was taking them.

Feel free to use them where and how you please (:

I have stacks more where these came from and I'll definitely be posting them here as well!


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