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How to stay motivated and productive when the world is slowing down around you?

Hello Friends!

It’s me again! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter/ Pesach with those around you, and for those of you that are alone over this time, I hope you’ve been able to connect with the ones you love (:

Today I think I'll keep it on the shorter side, I do just want to share a few things with you: a bit on how I’ve been keeping my motivation up and staying productive, SOME FREE STUFF and a few updates (:

Let’s get to the good stuff straight away!

Download Now!

Click here for your free colouring-in page! This is a page from my Colouring in book that you’ll be able to purchase on Etsy if you enjoy it and want more (: I'll be adding a new book each week for the next while!

Download Now!

Here are some epic versions from Hanneri of previous designs! I’m beyond impressed!

How to stay motivated and productive when the world is slowing down around you?

I’ve had a few people ask me how I’ve managed to stay motivated and productive so I'll share with you my methods. I won't lie and pretend it been easy, or that I’ve been super cheerful this entire lockdown so far… its been difficult and yes, I have had a few days when all I wanted to do was soupy my brain in front of Netflix for hours... but that’s OK! You can't expect yourself to be in full work mode all day every day, it just won't work! Your body and your brain need rest – it’s the most important part of growth and learning… but don’t overdo the downtime, that’s all I ask!

I have found 2 simple ways to keep myself going when everything is so overwhelming:

1)     The 3-thing method

(thanks to one of my great friends for introducing this to me!)

It's really so simple. you do three things from your list and then you rest.

I choose this method over a time-based method as some work can take hours and some can take minutes. With this method its all irrelevant. You do 3 things and then rest for a bit. If those are the only 3 that you do that day it's alright, at least you’ve done them, and you don’t have to do them tomorrow!

The past week I’ve been consistently doing 2 sets of 3 with a lunch break in the middle and the results have been amazing! I’m so much more productive because I can easily quantify the work I’m doing rather than aimlessly staring at my screen all day!

2)     This second method is for the days that you just can’t. The idea of working makes you feel nauseous and life sucks. This is the 2-thing method. It's not at all like the 3-thing method.

This method is much simpler and really helps! So, you’re feeling like the world is about to cave in around you and you don’t really want to do anything about it. But you’ve still got so much work to do and the idea of putting it off makes you feel even worse. !

Find one thing that you can do to benefit your future, one small thing that won’t take much effort (replying to an email, uploading a product to your store, etc) do it. And then do something for yourself. Something you want to do that has nothing to do with work or your future, something that will put energy back into your tank. Go back to bed, spend the day binging Netflix, eat a tub of ice cream. It doesn’t matter because you’ve already done something useful, so you don’t feel guilty about doing nothing else. Start again tomorrow when you’ve rested and treated yourself. I promise you’ll feel more motivated tomorrow!

That’s it! Use these 2 methods however you need to get back into a productive, motivated mindset! Let me know if it works or if you have any other methods that work for you, id love to hear from you!

Alright! We got the boring stuff done with, now for some fun!

I am going to be holding a draw on the 1st of May for a custom t-shirt! All you have to do to enter is follow my Instagram account and tag 2 friends in the post with this photo! Good luck

What else have I been up to this week?

  • I will soon be Publishing my First Skillshare class “Learn to draw without Fear” for any of you who would like to learn my ways! I will keep you updated every week until its ready!

That’s all, for now, lovely people, Until next week! Stay indoors and stay creative! 


Jo Bert

Creator of JoSuppose


Artist | Designer | Mess-Maker

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