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I ALWAYS mix too much paint

It's true. every single time.

This all started because I'm very picky about the colours I use so it would often take far too much paint to get the exact shade of pink I'm looking for. Relevant side note - I am incapable of wasting paint. So me being me, and me having far too much coral pink for the purpose of my original painting, I need to use up my paint on something - ANYTHING... (thankfully my family members are amazing humans and let me paint furniture, walls... mirrors...)

I have now started to purposefully mix too much every time I mix paint... because I want to live my most colourful life (& the humans living with me... well they are living my colourful life too)

This "technique" has forced me to be overly prolific when it comes to anything painted. One intentional painting often results in 5 unintentional paper pieces, 2 notebook spreads, 6 colourful plant pot, some purple light switches, 1 pink chair, 2 t-shirts... some rocks?

A lot of my painting in this manner is focused on the process rather than the end goal. I often only do one layer at a time and never plan for the next layer. The paint is always messy but that's the appeal for me I suppose... I enjoy watching as these painted objects grow and change over time with different colours and patterns - they grow as the paint flows and my creativity shifts. It never matters to me if I don't like the look - I can easily paint over it at another time, or partially paint over it and include the less-than-perfect parts into the final design.

Anyway, please enjoy these photos of my colourful, messy living space - and please, next time you paint, make way too much & enjoy the process (:

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