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"...I have made an executive decision..."

Here’s to new beginnings. Here’s to new opportunities, new lessons to learn and new relationships to cultivate.

Recently I’ve designed a calendar for 2022 and without realising it I found that my brand was a little out of date. It’s last year’s branding. And sure, brands can last years. Sure, they also need facelifts every now and then but once a year can get a bit confusing. This was my thought process in doing this calendar. I quickly realised though that JoSuppose, from the beginning, has been alive. Has been growing and changing and learning. As have I. JoSuppose is my brand, but more than that, JoSuppose is me, my art, and my learning process.

I have decided for 2022 that I will be writing again. I have had the desire to bring my blog back from the dead for a while, but I can never choose what to write about. There is so much. I have so many ideas. I often talk with people, and they just as often tell me that I should write down the things that I am saying – my problem is that I often don’t think about these things before I say them out loud. More than often, when I speak, it’s stream of consciousness. Words that have been floating around my head in the form of colours and energies and fluid patterns, begging me to expose them to those that will listen as (mostly) coherent sentences that can be (sometimes) understood. I love thinking. I love thinking about my thinking. I love how other humans & creatures think. I love to study the processes of thought

So, I have made an executive decision. When I sit down to write, I will write about the colours and energies without planning. I will write stream of consciousness and then put them straight out into the world. If you haven’t noticed, I am currently writing stream of consciousness about stream of consciousness thinking. I am writing about thinking about my writing. I love to write. I love to create. The one limitation that stops me from writing and creating is the idea that I must write and create perfectly every time. This stops me from writing what I really feel.

So here is to new beginnings. Here’s to learning and creating and writing in a way that I have not done before. Here is to fresh growth and new opportunities.

JoSuppose is currently going through (another) rebrand – as seems to be the tradition over the last few years. This time, JoSuppose will be treated like any of my other clients. JoSuppose will get the full process – as I should have done right at the beginning, although I am glad I didn’t because there was so much I still didn’t know, I have learnt more than I thought possible in the last 3 years. JoSuppose will grow as a brand as I grow as a Professional. This year I will be starting new projects, I will be forming new relationships – inside and outside of work. This year will be great. This year will be twenty twenty too. But not with all the misery that came with 2020. This year will be a second chance at 2020. This year will be incredible and full and magical. No matter what happens, I will plant my seeds now and reap my harvest when it comes back to me (:

Thanks for listening – chat to you soon (:

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