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Ode To January

“A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at” – Bruce Lee.

Oh, January. Well, I am a bit late with this post (again). I have yet to set up my content and marketing schedule, again. It's the 21st of January and I’m still reeling from the whiplash that came with December. Oh, January.

I had planned to release an adapted version of my calendar pages to Social Media each month. I had planned to publish this one in the first week of January. I had planned to publish the cover page on New years. None of these things happened. I had planned so many other things. I have planned even more. BUT, according to the wise words that I’ve forced myself to look at all month... I don’t have to reach these goals. I don’t even have to try. I have set my intentions, I am walking the path towards them, mindfully. Stopping when I see an interesting beetle, every so often, turning back to notice how the view changes from a new perspective... and along the way, realising that I am no longer on that original path... I am headed somewhere else. I wouldn’t say better, and I wouldn’t say worse. Just different.

So January... you’re doing things to me. You’re making me loop. I feel as though I should be functioning at full capacity. I should be raking in the jobs, the bucks, the achievements... but I’m not. I’m still catching my breath. Because I have been sprinting since... since... well I have always been sprinting. I am allowed to pause and catch my breath. It will make it easier to breathe in the smell of mountain air when I get there. I will breathe now so that I can gasp with excitement later. I will rest now so that I can sprint again when I am ready.

I will work on my content schedule next week. Or the one after. Or in a few months. It doesn’t matter. I will keep putting out sporadic content until then. I will keep moving my feet forward even if they don’t go in a straight line. And even if I have to backtrack sometimes to pick up the flower that just fell out of my hair.

I will keep going, and breathing, and learning.

Have a good January, or February, or June.

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