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Winter Garden Adventure

Hello Friends!

I got lost in some nature again and came out with some new photos for you! I also want to share some lessons I've learnt from my adventures with flora (:

Some Lessons from Plants

  • Remove all the dead, toxic, invasive weighing you down - use your energy only for what is good

  • Grow as and how you need to - adjust to your circumstance even if it means cutting away the unnecessary

  • Don't pick to fix. Leave the problems alone and focus rather on the good or what you can improve. Picking at problems will only draw them out and make them worse.

  • Use the space you have.

  • Pick your energy usage wisely. Spend only on what will make you grow better.

  • Don't be afraid to be fabulous - Be as colourful or elaborate as you want in order to get what you need

  • Everyone is extraordinary just by chance


  • Recover but don't dwell. Staying in the past does nothing for your future growth

  • Be Resourceful - everything that you need is nearby if you only look.

  • Be patient - "the flowers on the mountain top, they know, that when it is time, the sun will shine, and they will grow"

  • Stay grounded - Develop your roots before you grow too tall

And with that - here are my photos (:

Feel free to inquire about prints if you want! I'd be more than happy to sort you out (:

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